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        Educated at the Panjab University; after topping the list in M.A. (English) served as Lecturer in Panjab University (1957-59); Visiting Fellow at Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, UK (1969-70). 

In the Indian Administrative Service (1959-1994), borne on the Panjab cadre; held various responsible positions under the State and Central Governments.


          Following the Sino-Indian conflict: inducted into the Special Services Bureau (under the Central Intelligence Bureau), underwent training with the elite SAS of UK, and served in the Western Himalayan Sector.


        Post Operation Blue Star: appointed Home Secretary when Panjab was facing grave disturbances; organized peaceful elections to the State Assembly in Sept 1985.


         Served the Government of India in various capacities, including for over 8 years in the Ministry of Defence during which he served as Secretary Defence Production (1989-90) and Defence Secretary (1990-93)

Consequent to the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai: appointed Union Home Secretary (1993-94)

 Recalled from retirement to serve as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India (1997-98).



         Post retirement, served as:

                 ·     Director of the India International Centre, New Delhi (1995-97;

              ·     Member of the first National Security Advisory Board (1998-2001);

              ·      Chairman, National Task Force on Internal Security (2000);

              ·         Chairman, Review of Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis

              ·         Chairman, Committee on Review of Military Histories (2001-02);
·         Chairman, Task Force to draw up Programme of Joint Civil-
                   Military Training for National Security Management

·         Member, CSCAP National Committee (2001-05);

·         Founder Co-Chairman, India-European Union Round Table (2001-08);

·  Chairman, Public Services Committee, National Board of Quality Promotion, Quality Council of India (2006-08);

·         President, Indian Mountaineering Foundation (1999-2006);

·         Chairman, Sarvodaya International Trust, Delhi Chapter (2000-08).


Served as Govt. of India’s Special Representative for carrying out the J&K Dialogue (2003-08).


          As an international civil servant: served as Consultant to W.H.O., Geneva (1982-84).


          Life Member:

·         United Service Institute, New Delhi;

·         Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi;

·         Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.


Hony Life Member of International House of Japan, Tokyo.


Life Trustee:

·         India International Centre, New Delhi;

·          The Tribune Trust, Chandigarh. 


          Has been writing and lecturing on Governance and National Security issues and edited over a dozen books.


          Awarded PADMA VIBHUSHAN in 2007.



Awarded Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) by Panjab University, Chandigarh (2011).


Appointed Chancellor of the Central University of Jammu (2012 – 17) by the President of India.


Served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir (2008-13).


Re-appointed Governor of Jammu and Kashmir for a fresh term (2013 - ).



Presented SILVER ELEPHANT AWARD by President of India (2013) in recognition of his exemplary services for the promotion of the Scouts and Guides movement.


Books Edited

Religion Politics and Society in South and South East Asia (1998); Konark Publisher Pvt. Ltd; A-149, Main Vikas Marg, Delhi  - 110 092

Culture, Society and Politics in Central Asia and India (1999); Shipra Publications; 115-A, Vikas Marg, Shakarpur, Delhi - 110 092.

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Looking Back: India in the 20th Century (2002); Director, National Book Trust India, A-5 Green Park, New Delhi – 110 016

Looking Back: India in the 20th Century (2002); Published by Director, National Book Trust India, Nehru Bhawan, 5 Institutional Area, Phase II, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110 070.

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Mid-Year Review of the India Economy, 2002-2003 (2003); Shipra Publications; 115-A, Vikas Marg, Shakarpur, Delhi - 110092

Journal of Defence Studies (IDSA) Vol. 2 No, 1 (2008); Institute of Defence Studies  and Analysis, No 1, Development Enclave, Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi-110010

 Articles in Books and Journals

“A Fateful Encounter” (1995); C.D. Deshmukh Life and Times, IIC Quarterly.

“Internal Security Management - Some Concerns” (1996); India International Centre Quarterly.

“91, Garden Town” (1997); Crossing Boundaries, Indian International Centre Quarterly.

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“The Supercrats” (2000); 100 People who Shaped India in the 20th Century; Volume 1 of India Today 2000: Millennium series

“Cooperating For Good Governance in South Asia” (2000); South Asian Survey.

“Crime, Corruption and Development” (2000); The Indian Economic Association Conference (83rd) Volume of the Millennium

“Role and Responsibility of the State Civil and Armed Police in National Security Management” ( Dec 2001); Defence Watch

“Crime, Corruption and Development” (2001); Crime, Corruption and Development

“The State Civil and Armed Police and National Security” (2001); Journal of the USI of India, Vol CXXXI - Oct-Dec 2001

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“Ethics and Values of Public Services in India: Problems and Prospects” (2003); Building a Vibrant India.

“Some Concerns about India’s Internal Security” (April-June 2003); Contemporary India Volume 2 No 2.

“Some Concerns about Internal Security” (2003); India’s National Security Annual Review Ed Prof Satish Kumar

“Internal Security Management: Some Concerns”  (2004);  Security and Society- Winter 2004

“The Indian-European Union Round Table – Looking Ahead” (2006);  Rising India – Europe’s Partner?

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“National Governance and Internal Security” (2008);  Journal of Air Power and Space Studies, Vol 3, No. 1.

“Securing Peace Through People to People Relations among SAARC Countries” (March 2008);  Man and Development Vol XXX, No 1.

“Security in the India Ocean: An Overview” Bridges Across the India Ocean

Public Lectures

Colonel Pyara Lal Memorial Lecture (2001): “Role and Responsibility of the State, Civil and Armed Police in National Security Management”.

3rd Brig. Rajinder Singh Memorial Lecture (2003): “Some Concerns About Internal Security Management”.

Admiral Ramdas Katari Memorial Lecture (2007): “National Governance and Internal Security”.

28th C.D. Deshmukh Memorial Lecture (2011): “National Security Concerns”.

USI National Security Lecture (2013): “Civil Military Relations: Opportunities and Challenges”.