Chronology of Governors  

RajBhawan Overview 
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The Governor
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His Excellency
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Dr. Karan Singh
Justice J. N. Wazir
Sh. Bhagwan Sahai
Sh. L. K. Jha
Sh. B. K. Nehru
Justice V. Khalid(CJ)
Sh. Jagmohan
Gen. K. V. Krishna Rao
Sh. Girish Chandra Saxena
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) S. K. Sinha, PVSM
HE, Sh. N. N. Vohra
Governor Speaks
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Governor's Name



Dr. Karan Singh 28-03-65 15-03-67
Justice J. N. Wazir, Acting Governor 15-03-67 15-05-67
Sh. Bhagwan Sahai 15-05-67 03-07-73
Sh. L. K Jha 03-07-73 26-02-81
Sh. B. K. Nehru 26-02-81 26-04-84
Justice V. Khalid(CJ), Acting Governor (during the period Sh. B. K. Nehru was away from the country) 20-02-84 02-03-84
Sh. Jagmohan 26-04-84   11-07-89  
19-01-90 (2nd tenure) 26-05-90
Gen. K. V. Krishna Rao 11-07-89 19-01-90
13-03-93 (2nd tenure) 02-05-98
Sh. Girish Chandra Saxena 26-05-90 13-03-93
02-05-98 (2nd term) 04-06-03
Lt. Gen.(Retd.) S. K. Sinha,PVSM 04-06-03 25-06-08
Sh. N. N. Vohra 25-06-08 23-08-18