Watali presents his book, “Kashmir Intifada”, to Governor

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Srinagar, May 27: Sh. A.M. Watali, former Police Chief of Kashmir Division, called on Governor N.N. Vohra at the Raj Bhavan today and presented to him a copy of “Kashmir Intifada” which has been recently published. This book traces the history and progression of events which led to the emergence of militancy in Kashmir, including the factors and influences which enabled the youth to pick up arms against the State. The author has also suggested an approach for the resolution of the “Kashmir issue” which could be debated by the people living on both sides of the divide.


Governor has lauded Sh. Watali’s initiatives to record an “insider’s view” of the events which led to the beginning of the troubles in Kashmir and expressed hope that this book would be of high interest to all those who seek to understand the “Kashmir issue” and those who want to gain a deeper appreciation of the factors which have continued to thwart the establishment of peaceful relations with Pakistan.