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         The NIC's role in Governor's Secretariat is different from the other NIC's district centers. Here, the DIO's main role is to facilitate the retrieval of information of any kind required by HE, the Governor or the other concerned staff.

    NIC has remained involved in the computerization of the Governor's Secretariat for quite some time. It first established a full-fledged computer centre at Raj Bhawan, J&K with all the communication facilities in 1996. Since then, it has kept this office updated with the latest advances made in the field of Information Technology.  It started with C-200 VSAT communication equipment and Xenix-based 386 machines at that time. Then came the Internet age and NIC dressed its various centers, including Raj Bhawan J&K, with Direct PC, the latest communication equipment of that time

This brought a revolution in the Information age. NIC, Raj Bhawan now has two SkyBlaster communication equipments, one installed at Raj Bhawan Jammu and the other at Raj Bhawan Srinagar, In addition to VSAT connectivity 2 MBPS Leased Line one each at Raj Bhawan Srinagar & Raj Bhawan Jammu has been established and all the clients scattered at different locations are brought in the Local-Area-Network environment. One Proxy server has been established in the centre and all computer users are provided   internet facility. In addition, Video Conferencing facility has been established at Raj Bhawan Jammu as well as at Raj Bhawan, Srinagar.

The NIC centre of Raj Bhawan, J&K moves to and from Srinagar along with all the equipment after every six months with the Darbar Move.

The following softwares have already been developed and the concerned reports are made available on the Intranet   of Raj Bhawan:


Computerization of Library Records

Computerization of Receipt/Dispatch section

Computerization of Employees data


Accounts section computerization

Much more still requires to be done and the work for that is underway.